The Dancing Housewife is the brainchild of THE dancing housewife, Antoinette Datoc. Antoinette’s interest in ballroom dance was sparked in 2005 by the wildly popular reality television show, Dancing with the Stars. A devoted fan of the show, she created and launched her first blog, Just Another Ordinary Day, the ulterior motive of which was to go viral enough to grab the attention of the DWTS producers leading to an invitation to join the cast of celebrity contestants. Forced to confront the sad truth that being recognized as “that lady who writes the mommy blog” at deli counters and dry cleaners across metro Atlanta was NOT intriguing enough for the producers of DWTS, she abandoned her not-so-hidden agenda in favor of simply sharing her musings purely for the fun of it.

As it turns out, she ended up finding her way to the ballroom anyway. Determined to pursue a hobby with her husband ( a.k.a.The Dancing Doc) as empty-nest hood reared its ugly head, she dragged him to a local dance studio for lessons. Fast forward eight years…they now practice daily, travel around the United States to compete monthly, hold more than a dozen national amateur titles and have made wonderful friendships along the way.

The Dancing Housewife is a personal blog dedicated to all things ballroom and serves as home to the popular advice column, Dear Dance Diva,  Just Another Ordinary Day and The World According to Lulu, a special feature comprised of reflections on life by Lulu, the best dog in all the land.

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