Find Your Confidence on the Dance Floor in 2022

The ballroom dance industry has suffered tremendously at the hand of COVID 19. The virus, as well as efforts to thwart it, have impacted studio owners and students alike. Whether social, competitive, professional or amateur dancers, many of us are struggling to regain confidence on the dance floor as we continue to navigate the pandemic amidst a return to normalcy – attending parties, performing and competing. That is why I encourage you to kick off 2022 by joining the free 5-day email challenge, Find Your Confidence on the Dance Floor, a collaborative initiative from The Girl with the Tree Tattoo and the folks at Dance Dress Couture.
Here are the details:
  • For five days beginning on Monday January 10, you’ll receive a daily email containing a thought and prompt designed to help you build your confidence as a dancer.
  • Reply to each email prompt with a comment or question. If you prefer to keep your thoughts private, but still want to be part of the Find Your Confidence on the Dance Floor community, simply reply “done!”
  • Registration is free and takes less than a minute and YES IT STARTS TOMORROW so click HERE to get started.
  • If you want to participate, but are concerned you won’t have time when the official challenge runs from January 10-15, no worries! You can still register and simply go through the prompts when it’s convenient.