One Bad Apple Doesn’t Spoil the Whole Bunch

They say one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch and lucky for me that’s not just something your mother says to console you or the record (yes, was a long time ago) you play over and over again when your prom date ends up being the jerk of all jerks. As it turns out, that one-bad-apple thing goes for randomly assigned, friendly social dance contest partners too.

The first time I entered a “friendly” social dance contest, I had the misfortune of revisiting my prom days. The experience inspired a post about my poorly behaved partner who rolled his eyes and snorted when I sheepishly confided to being a novice at cha cha. As if that wasn’t rude enough to deserve a slap, he responded in kind by asking if I could at least keep a beat. Seriously. At least keep a beat. Not to dwell – and I’m certainly no Charo – but that guy couldn’t recognize syncopation on the fourth beat if it knocked him in the cuchi-cuchi. (You can get all the gory details here if you haven’t already read the post.)

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Anyway, you’d think I’d have sworn off social dance contests after that first wretched experience (or at least ones in which partnerships are randomly assigned), but no. Call me a glutton for punishment or an extreme optimist or whatever, but I did the unthinkable and entered another friendly social dance contest a month later…and another one a month after that. You’ll never guess what happened…

On both occasions I had the good fortune to be randomly partnered with pleasantly well-mannered, gracious fellows! YAY!

At this point I’m 2 for 3 (.666) at being paired with pleasantly well-mannered, gracious, non-jerk dance partners. That’s pretty darn fantastic considering a guy who goes 1 for 3 from the plate in MLB earns himself a ticket to Cooperstown. Sadly, there’s no Hall of Fame for random dance partnering, but you’ve got to admit I’m on a hot streak (plus, I’m over that prom thing) so I suppose I’ll enter tonight’s friendly Foxtrot Contest. Wish me luck and stay tuned… I’ll let you know how it goes.

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