Not JUST The Dancing Housewife Anymore

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Thanks to The Dancing King (a.k.a my husband) who took me to see Mama Mia last night at Atlanta’s fabulous Fox Theater.

It was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S and inspired me to claim the song you are hearing right now as my personal anthem. That is, you’re hearing it if you followed directions and pressed the play button. If not, go do it now or it is likely you will be confused.

Anyway, I admit I’m not young, sweet or seventeen, but I can feel the beat of the tambourine

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Kicking and Screaming

For those of you assuming I drag my poor husband, kicking and screaming, to the dance studio, think again. He likes to dance as much as I do. In fact, our very first date back in 1982 was an eight-hour dance marathon. Apparently he fancied himself a pretty good dancer back then and figured he could impress me with his snappy moves. He was right. We went all the way that night… as in WE DANCED THE ENTIRE 8 HOURS WITHOUT

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DWTS Season 19 Undisputed Front Runner: Alfonso “Carlton” Ribeiro

Old habits die hard. Even though I am chasing my own mirror ball these days, I can’t seem to get Dancing with the Stars out of my system. I was practicing at the studio until 9 o’clock so I wasn’t able to see the entire season premier last night, but I caught enough to make a prediction. My pick to win it all: Alfonso “Carlton” Ribeiro. No doubt about it, the beloved star of the hit

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