The Dancing Pilot Strikes Again

Dance Tonight Atlanta’s Jon Hornack, also known as The Dancing Pilot, struck down his competition for a second time last week in the Best of the Best Pro-Am Silver Rhythm Championships at the prestigious and highly contested Capital Dancesport Challenge in Alexandria, Virginia. The first time Hornack garnered Best of the Best honors was in front of a home crowd at the Atlanta Open back in May. If he wins it all at the Ohio Star Ball Best of the Best global dancesport grand finale later this year, he’ll be crowned the BEST of the Best of the Best and we’ll need to do a little bit of renovating at the old homestead. Namely widening the studio doorways so he can fit his swollen head through…


Seriously. Congratulations to Jon Hornack, pilot by day, dancer by night and who knew… impressionist extraordinaire.

Whaddya say, Jon, something like this for Ohio?



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