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If you like The Dancing Housewife, you might like my other blog, Just Another Ordinary Day. You also might find it interesting that when I first launched it, I was obsessed with Dancing with the Stars so there you have it. I was intrigued by ballroom dance way before I ever set foot on a dance floor, but wait. It gets better. For reasons I cannot even begin to explain, I was so obsessed with Dancing with the Stars, I actually fantasized about being a contestant on the show. I’m not kidding. I figured if the show’s casting director was giving pseudo-celebrities like Kate Gosselin, Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino, Nicole a.k.a Snooki Polizzi, Trista Sutter and Chris Soules a chance to compete for that mirror ball trophy, why not me? Short of conjugating the F-word or giving birth to eight kids in three years (okay, that’s pretty remarkable), what discernible talent did these reality television so-called “stars” possess? What did they have that I didn’t have? And then it hit me. They had fans. And fans equal viewers and viewers equal sponsors and sponsors equal money and so yeah. I hatched a plan to to develop a fan base by way of the blogosphere and that’s how Just Another Ordinary Day was born. [Related Post: Dancing with the Ordinary People]

Fast forward nine years. The producers of Dancing with the Stars still haven’t called (their loss), but I’m not bitter. The silver lining is I really enjoy blogging. If you’re reading this post, you probably know The Dancing Housewife is dedicated to all things ballroom and most often chronicles my escapades on the dance floor with my husband and partner, The Dancing Doc.

Just Another Ordinary Day is a hodgepodge of personal essays inspired by my exceedingly glamorous life (insert sarcasm) as a housewife and stay-at-home-mom turned empty nester. Since my kids are now adults, I have far less mommy fodder so, among other random topics, I’ve taken to writing about obscure holidays and celebrations. You can read some of those posts here. In 2016, I began publishing a Super Bowl post-mortem in which I select and rank the top ten $5 million-a-pop ads aired during the Big Game. You can find the complete lists here, but it seems fitting to share this year’s winner on The Dancing Housewife because it is a parody of the iconic Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey Dirty Dancing (Time of My Life) final dance. Check it out.

#1 Touchdown Celebrations To Come. The NFL’s ad featuring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr. working on that thing (choreography for next season’s touchdown celebration dance) is hands down the best Super Bowl ad of 2018. My favorite part comes at 00:00:37 when, watching from the sidelines, Landon Collins says, “Just let ’em dance.” It might be funnier than United Healthcare’s wet-your-pants hysterical 2015 Dirty Dancing parody. Watch both and decide for yourself.

Do me a favor. Leave a comment to let me know which parody you like best.

And now for your enjoyment…

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