Thoughts of Dancing Housewife

I’m on Twitter!  Now you can follow all my hijinks (translation: PLEASE FOLLOW ME) at @TDHousewife or if you’re new to this whole Twitter thing click HERE and click FOLLOW…I think. You have to have a Twitter account to follow people (or dogs), so if you don’t have one, go ahead and sign up, login and follow me…pretty please.

ANYWAY, I’m on Twitter and yesterday I noticed this tweet from the hilarious Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings)…

…and it occurred to me this tweet could have come from me because even though the Dancing Doc is a wonderful partner and fabulous dancer, we both know EVERYTHING. IS. ABOUT. ME.

Image Credit:Tanya Green Photography 2019

…and if I were to find out otherwise, I would be devastated. To say the least.

Thoughts of Dog… Thoughts of Dancing Housewife. You make the call.


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