All I Want to Do Is Dance

There’s a song in my heart. You know the one…

I’m in Baltimore at The Maryland Dancesport Championships and in a few hours I will hit the competitive dance floor for the first time. It’s difficult to explain how I feel. I can hardly contain my excitement, let alone describe it. There’s a smile on my face and a song in my heart and all I wanna do is dance, dance, dance!

I’ve been training in the dance studio for four months, but the truth is I’ve been working toward this moment for a whole lot longer. There’s a reason this blog is called The Dancing Housewife. I am a housewife and a mother and for thirty years my goals have belonged to others. For the better part of these last three decades, everything I’ve done has served to fuel the aspirations of my husband and sons. Don’t misunderstand me I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it. It’s what a wife and mom does and it’s been an honor, most especially to stand beside my husband, watching our boys become the fine men they are, but today…this day is just for me.

I confess, when my younger son headed to college last fall, I dreaded empty nest hood. I worried about finding my purpose again. For so long all I did, every thought, every breath hinged on my family’s needs. It’s a new era, I suppose. My husband and sons have made me so very proud with who they are and all they have accomplished and today, in this moment, I hope to return the favor… with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. All I want to do is dance, dance, dance.

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2 thoughts on “All I Want to Do Is Dance

  1. How do your first comp. go? I enjoy your blog. I, too, have two boys and “returned” to dancing after they were on their way. Love everything about ballroom dancing: music, physicality, and challenge.

    • Andrea,

      Thanks for following TDH. Stay tuned for my post comp blog. It’s coming… I promise!

      The Dancing Housewife

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