A Big Fat Slice of Awesome

I don’t want to brag, but I received a surprising number of messages, comments and emails from folks inquiring about my first ballroom dance competition. So here’s the word: AWESOME.

Those of you who knew me before my career as uber-housewife-and-mother will understand my joy when I tell you hitting the competition dance floor was like reliving my gymnastics days without all the dangerous acrobatics and tumbling passes. Plus I got a snuggy just for entering. As if that’s not awesome enough, I WON MONEY too.

Seriously it was a big fat slice of AWESOME.

I’d like to add a side order of enlightenment to that slice of AWESOME, please… because I finally get it. Yep. There really and truly is no such thing as too much make-up, too much hairspray or too much spray tan on the competition dance floor. I have seen the light and for the record (and this is something nobody told me), there is, in fact, also no such thing as too much Beano or too much deodorant either. Trust me. It’s true.

Again, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but competing allowed me to discover that blogging as The Dancing Housewife has rendered me a bit of a celebrity. After the first round of single dances, my husband updated his Facebook status with this photo and caption…

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.13.34 PM… and almost immediately some guy (a pro from Boston) came running up to me, waving his iPad in my face and shouting,“You are The Dancing Housewife! I LIKE you! I LIKE you!”

No joke, it really happened. It was a little disconcerting at first, but then I figured out he meant liked, as in LIKED on Facebook and was indeed NOT a maniac. As it turns out, he’s an avid follower of The Dancing Housewife and was excited to meet me, the actual dancing housewife, in the flesh. Funny, huh? Here’s this incredibly talented and accomplished professional ballroom dancer, excited to meet me. (Cue Twilight Zone theme song) It got me thinking.

Maybe there’s a whole bunch of ballroom professionals out there following The Dancing Housewife. Maybe even Cheryl Burke and Derek Hough and Maksim Chernoff are following The Dancing Housewife. Maybe, just maybe, they are so intrigued by my escapades, that they’ll end up collectively lobbying their producers (Rod Wade, Ashely Edens-Shaffer and Joe Sungkur) to get me on Dancing with the Stars. It could happen, right?


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Until Dancing with the Stars calls, The Dancing Housewife will be competing pro-am with her partner and coach, Newell Defreest. Catch them at the Michigan Dance Challenge on March 26, 2015. Let the countdown begin!

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3 thoughts on “A Big Fat Slice of Awesome

  1. Very funny article. I would have laughed out loud but I read it to myself next to Jarrett while he was asleep.

  2. Hi Ant

    I have a friend who dances with Arthur Murray out of Chicago and she says
    “There’s no such thing and TOO MUCH. BLING!!!!!!!
    Love the sequins and rhinestones!!

    So tickled your having so much fun friend!!!

  3. Wowzer! A celebrity in the Hood! Bet our home values will go up!!! Sounds like you have found your place. Dance–good for the mind, body and spirit. Let us know if you are competing locally, or, on TV!
    Cheers to you Ant!

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