The Dancing Housewife on How to Spice Up a Marriage

The Dancing Doc had way more fun than he expected in his competitive debut. Of course he did because 1) he danced with me and  2) he danced with me. Check out the post-competition pictorial wrap…


Don’t we look happy? Crap loads of fun aside, there are significant advantages to dancing full-on amateur with your spouse over dancing pro-am with someone half your age (okay, less than half your age).

Cost.  No brainer. Sure, it took something like ten months of exhaustive subliminal seduction and straight up nagging to finally break him, but at least I don’t have to pay the Dancing Doc to dance with me. Don’t misunderstand me, pro-am is completely legit. Still, there’s something slightly tawdry about having to pay a guy to dance with you. Kind of like bribing a cousin to be your prom date.

Equal Footing.  Obviously since I am the am in pro-am, I’m the weaker half of the partnership so I generally feel pressure not to make him look bad. Lucky for me, my pro is the consummate professionalTranslation: he’s not an egotistical attention-grabber who out-dances me every chance he gets just to prove he’s faaaaaabulousssss. Anyway, there’s none of that inherent pressure not to mess up with the Dancing Doc because if I make a mistake I’m confident he’ll return the favor. He does some things better than I do and vice-versa. Frankly, he is way more natural than I am, but I log way more hours in the studio than he does, which puts us on equal footing with regard to making each other look bad. Plus we’re married … and parents… so we’ve got each other’s backs on the whole looking bad thing anyway, no matter who’s at fault.

Icky-Weird Factor.  Pro-am heats in my age division and at my proficiency level look more like a mixer at a cougar convention than a ballroom competition. Seriously, my coach/professional partner is thirty years younger than me, which is pretty much the status quo in the ballroom world. Young pros are always hoisting old broads around the dance floor. I know fifty is the new thirty, but dancing with a 23-year old in public that does not involve the phrase “mother-of-the-groom” at a wedding reception still makes me a teensy-weensy bit queasy.  Dancing with my husband, on the other hand, feels perfectly natural and normal and age appropriate. You get the picture.

Great Way to Spice Up a Marriage. The reason we started dancing in the first place was to avoid falling into the dangerous trap of living parallel lives. Drifting apart… it’s a sad fate suffered by lots of otherwise happily married couples once their chicks leave the nest. Dancing pro-am is great, but I wasn’t looking for a new dance partner… I just wanted the old one back. And now I have him.

Team Dancing Housewife & Dancing Doc… together forever.

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