What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Not if you behave yourself. Check it out…

The Dancing Housewife and The Dancing Doc (a.k.a The Dancing Datocs) would like to thank the organizers of the 2016 Vegas Open Dance Challenge – Paul Holmes, Maria Hansen and Mikal Watkins – for a terrific event. See you next year!

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Dreams Really Do Come True

Big news: I got to compete in The Ohio Star Ball! Dreams really do come true!

In case you don’t know, the depth and quality of talent at The Ohio Star Ball is the best of the best. Literally. It’s the event that’s televised on PBS every year – basically the World Series of competitive ballroom dancing – and it’s intense. Really, really intense. Take my good friend, Karina Hooper (KH for short) for example.

Photo Credit: www.masterfile.com

Photo Credit: www.masterfile.com

Although KH is an extremely talented and successful silver

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The Dancing Housewife on How to Spice Up a Marriage

The Dancing Doc had way more fun than he expected in his competitive debut. Of course he did because 1) he danced with me and  2) he danced with me. Check out the post-competition pictorial wrap…

Don’t we look happy? Crap loads of fun aside, there are significant advantages to dancing full-on amateur with your spouse over dancing pro-am with someone half your age (okay, less than half your age).

Cost.  No brainer. Sure, it took something like ten months of

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Big Sexy Hair and Airbrushed Tans

I’ve started doing all sorts of stuff I never thought I’d do. For instance, yesterday, I bought a can of Big, Sexy Hair (it’s hairspray). AND I paid a professional airbrush technician to apply fake tan to my body. Clearly this means it’s official: I am a competitive ballroom dancer. AND I am living proof that one can, in fact, teach old dogs new tricks.

You might be thinking so she bought a can of hairspray and got a spray tan… big deal, but I assure for

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