What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Not if you behave yourself. Check it out…

The Dancing Housewife and The Dancing Doc (a.k.a The Dancing Datocs) would like to thank the organizers of the 2016 Vegas Open Dance Challenge – Paul Holmes, Maria Hansen and Mikal Watkins – for a terrific event. See you next year!

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Life is Too Short for Bad Attitudes

13879I recently competed in my second ballroom dance event, the Michigan Dance Challenge. It was a big event with over 7000 entries and I am exhausted. You might think I’m exhausted from dancing something like a fillion-dillion cha-chas, rumbas, east coast swings, boleros and mambos, but you’d be wrong. Swollen feet and painful hip joints notwithstanding, all that dancing was invigorating. The exhausting part was allowing

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