The One About Competing and Hurt Feelings

Dear Dance Diva,

Part of what I enjoy about competing is the fellowship with other dancers who have become my friends. I always make a point to go to the ballroom to watch them dance, to encourage and to cheer for them. The problem is, my studio-mates don’t do the same thing for me and it really hurts my feelings. A bunch of us – students and instructors -recently attended a ballroom dance competition in Virginia where I danced my personal best, but no one from my studio was there

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To Tan or Not to Tan

If you’re a serious competitive DanceSport athlete you embrace a lot of fake stuff… eyelashes, hair pieces, padding in places that need it and of course, the pièce de résistance: the fake tan. No need to worry as you find a place on the dance floor for your first dance. You haven’t mistakenly stumbled into an Oompah-Loompah convention. You are indeed at a ballroom dance competition.

Ballroom dancing is an aesthetic sport, which means in addition to executing routines as

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Just Say Oui

A week or so before my first competition, I was having lunch with an old friend who also happens to be a ballroom dancer. As we parted ways and headed to our respective cars, she hollered, “merde!” from across the parking lot. I immediately stopped short of my next step and scanned the ground in front of me. When I realized the coast was clear, I lifted my foot behind me and craned my neck over my shoulder to see if I had already inadvertently sullied the sole of my shoe. Loosely translated

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